Timeless clothing for pretty unique Men

Welcome to Mooha :)
My name is Ania. I love art, fashion, creativity, friendly people and peaceful living.
I have worked in fashion retail for several countries, for many years. It was great. With time though, I started to realise how culture of fast fashion harms the enviroment and my doubts started. The thought about how all the garments are being produced and disposed was unbearable.
I decided that I didn't want to be a part of it any more.
On one hand I still wanted to work with fashion, on the other, I wanted to help reducing the impact of it. This is how I started to handpick the best fashion vintage pieces I could find, upcycle or re-sell them and feel good about it. My mission is to prove, that pieces, which have been already produced years ago, can look like from the latest fashion show.
I own two shops now - MoohaLook and Miauhaus. Lately, I started to get a lot requests from my male customers, to make something special only for them. So here you go!
Enjoy MoohaMenswear. It's only for you :)

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